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Our team


Christopher Collins


With a background in boating, fishing and photography from an early age, Chris feels right at home behind the lens, especially in bluewater. A desire to share his adventures with the world led to pursuing a degree in Multimedia Journalism from FAU, later becoming an editor and feature writer at Florida Sportsman magazine. Now, he strives to share the stories of others through creative video production, from behind the desk and lens at DSV.

You may find him bobbing around in the water, with a boat whizzing by just a handful of feet from his underwater camera. It’s more scary for you, than him, we assure you.

An avid car enthusiast and gearhead, when not behind the lens, odds are he’s behind a wrench or behind the wheel (trying to avoid a speeding ticket).


Scott Sanders


Jack Rica


Kenny Shane


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1 Gibfield Park Ave Atherton Manchester M46 0SU