Services & Specialties

As creatives, we embrace the opportunity to turn a clients idea into something real, no matter how simple or complex. Whether you need full-production capabilities starting from the ground floor, specialty aerial or underwater camera operation or just help with pre/post-production…with an in-house team capable of mastering any project, we’ve got you covered.


Pre-Production: Scripting & Storyboarding

At Deep See Visuals, production starts well before recording begins. As they say (whoever they is), “it’s all in the preparation.” From the first conversation, the creative wheels at DSV begin to spin. Whether your idea is loose or well-manifested, we work directly alongside our clients to ensure what will be captured on the day of production is exactly what is envisioned for the final masterpiece…and some. 

From concept creation and planning, writing voiceover, formulating interview questions, sourcing talent, creating scripts and dialogues to designing storyboards for production day - the team at DSV starts where it matters most. 


Professional Camera Operation

We sometimes joke that we are just “button pushers”, but we know that’s not the case. Today’s modern camera equipment and accessories that are required for a truly professional shoot are, well, for professionals! 

We own all of our equipment, so, it’s no wonder we know how to get the most out of it. From the very basics to capturing stunning 4K RAW and slow-motion cinematography, recording clear and concise audio and operating a stabilizer for those buttery smooth shots, we’re no strangers when it comes to using the right gear for the job. 

Just need a cinematographer from our team for your own production (with or without gear)? We can help with that, too. 


Aerial Video & Photography

Ah, the aerial perspective, one of our favorites. With thousands of documented piloting hours, from open expanses of ocean, chasing boats in excess of 50+ MPH to exploring the beautiful islands of Fiji, we are proud of the skills we have to offer from behind “the sticks.” 

While there are many production companies offering this service, we strive to show clientele what truly experienced UAV piloting can yield. 

Whether part of a DSV production or if you need a highly-skilled remote pilot and UAV for your own production, we offer a fully licensed crew and own a selection of UAV offerings for any budget. 

Our Fleet

DJI Inspire 2


The Inspire 2 is our premiere UAV platform, as part of our upgraded cinema package. With the ability to shoot in super hi-res 5.2K resolution and the option to use a variety of micro four-thirds lenses, such as the prized 45mm, the imagery is breathtaking.

Not to forget the top speed of 64 mph, which means we can chase (most!) boats at high speeds, with ease.

DJI Mini 3 Pro


The Mini 3 Pro, part of our standard UAV package, is the ultimate in portable UAV tech. Boating still images at over 45 megapixels and a unique camera that rotates to shoot vertically, when it comes to getting "social" this is the go-to tool in the aerial shed. Additional capability to shoot 4K 60FPS is a bonus, with the ability to shoot in RAW format, as well, this little drone packs a huge punch!

DJI Mavic 2 Pro


The Mavic 2 Pro is deceiving for its small size. Included in our standard UAV package, this little drone packs a serious punch. With high-res still images and 4K video that never ceases to amaze us and our clients. With unparalleled battery life and the capability to fit on all of our adventures, this drone comes complimentary when clients book our UAV cinema package.


FAA PART 107 Certified

UW Photography

Underwater Video & Photography

Getting all the angles, sometimes means getting wet…and that’s just fine with us. With a shared love of the water, from boating, fishing, surfing, wakeboarding, snorkeling, freediving, you name it…underwater cinematography just comes naturally for us here at DSV. 

Whether part of our production or your own, we have the knowledge, gear and equipment to safely and properly capture your vision from at or under the waterline. 


Editing & Post Production

When the camera stops rolling, is when the work really begins. Back in the editing suite at DSV Headquarters, the story truly takes shape. Whether finding the perfect voice for your commercial, working to create the best graphics to illustrate your product, laying down interviews to seamlessly flow and beautifully tell a compelling story, selecting music that pulls the heart strings, gets blood pumping and souls stirring or finalizing a production with just the right touches of color and natural sound…a polished and perfect end product is what matters most and no detail is too small.

This philosophy carries over into all ranges of production budgets, from simple promotional shorts to short films and television shows.

Just need your footage edited to fit your vision? Let’s have a look.

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